Final Four

Whitney Christensen

As the weather heated up in Boulder, CO, so did the 2008 UPA College Ultimate Championships at Pleasantview Fields. The Championships feature 16 College Open teams and 16 College Women’s teams that have battled through rigorous sectional and regional tournaments in order to qualify for the Collegiate Nationals. After a full round of pool play yesterday the remaining teams looked to weed-out even more of their competitors.

Today the teams were narrowed down even further from eight teams at the beginning of the day to just two teams in each division who will now prepare for tomorrow’s final round of competition. Only the best will survive.

“Teams need to have chemistry, which in most cases for dominant teams is natural,” said Kelley Kneib, Communications Director for the UPA. “They work together all season long and need to be able to understand the team dynamic and know what to …


Oregon Women’s Ultimate Team Going to Nationals

Fugue is a psychological state of mind where one abandons all personal identity and memory. Fugue is also the name of the Oregon women’s club ultimate Frisbee team. Clare Gordon, a senior captain on the team, says the name is supposed to represent every point as a new point; every game as a new game.

“The name came around because we wanted to treat each game as a new chance to do something great and forget about past mistakes,” she said. “Also, the name fugue was suggested after we had a few seasons of bad results and we wanted to start over fresh.”

Four years after the new name was introduced, the team has completed the turnaround by qualifying for the Club Ultimate Frisbee national tournament on May 16. It’s the first time since 2002 that they have qualified for the 16-team field held annually in Boulder, …


Ultimate frisbee catching on at UD

People often think of frisbee as the pastime of geriatrics and beach goers. Little do they know, this lazy hobby can be transfored into an exhilarating game known as ultimate frisbee.

University team president Maura Brady said the sport involves the physical endurance of soccer, with passing skills of football.

The game usually takes place on a football-sized field, which is not as wide with longer endzones. Players work their way up the field by passing the disc to each other. A player holding the disc is not allowed to run but can pass the frisbee. To score, a player must catch the disc while standing in the endzone. Players cannot hold on to the disc for too long or it results in a turnover. A turnover also occurs when one team fails to complete a pass and the disc hits the ground or when a pass …


Collegiate Nationals Television Schedule

2008 Collegiate Nationals TV Schedule

* All times Eastern (EST)

The Collegiate Nationals on CBS
May 25th, 2pm-3pm
Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Snowboarding, Freeskiing, Flowboarding, and Eating

The Collegiate Nationals on CBS College Sports Network:
May 15th, 8pm-9pm
2008 Collegiate Nationals Preview Show

May 26th, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 1: Snowboarding, Boxing, San Diego Flowboard Preview

May 27th, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 2: Freeskiing, Boxing, Weightlifting

May 28th, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 3: Flowboarding Semis, Weightlifting, Music, Boxing

May 29th, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 4: Flowboarding Semis, Beach Volleyball Semi: San Diego vs. USC

May 30th, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 5: Beach Volleyball Semis Texas vs. Nebraska, Eating Finals

May 31st, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 6: Wakeboard Semis, UPA Women’s Final

June 1st, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 7: Beach Volleyball Final: Texas vs. USC, Wakeboard Finals

June 2th, 8pm-9pm
Collegiate Nationals Episode 8: Flowboarding Finals, UPA Open Finals, Music

June 7th, …


Next Stop for the Pain Train: Ultimate Frisbee Nationals

Dartmouth’s men’s ultimate frisbee team made history this season, winning the New England open regional tournament for the first time. The victory punched the team’s ticket to the national tournament, where Dartmouth will make its second appearance in the history of the program.

According to captain Watson Sallay ‘08, this year’s team is the best he has seen in his four years at Dartmouth, both on and off the field.

“In terms of on paper, this is the best team that Dartmouth has ever had, because this is the first team ever to win regionals,” Sallay said. “We went to nationals for the first time five years ago, but that was when there were three spots, so winning regionals was really special. Off the field, this has been the best team ever in terms of becoming friends and teammates with each other on and off the field. …


Washington in Its Element

This year, the UW is dominating the competition in one ultimate sport: Ultimate Frisbee.

The Washington women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, called Element, is the best women’s team in the United States and second in the league to the University of British Columbia (UBC). The team is ranked second overall in the Ultimate Players Association and is headed to nationals for the first time since 2005, when UW finished second overall to Stanford.

“I was actually playing for the team the first time we went in 2005 when we went the first time,” coach Miranda Roth said. “There are a couple of the girls on the team back then. Most of these girls have never been before. I expect them to be very excited.”

They certainly are.

“Oh, hell yes,” player Jillian Goodreau said when asked if she was excited for nationals.

The University of British Columbia has …


Ultimate Domination: Wake Forest

Usually when Frisbees are seen on campus students are playing Frisbee golf or leisurely tossing a disc on the Quad, but not these girls. The women’s Ultimate Frisbee club team can be found on Poteat field three days a week practising intensely.

RUCKUS, the women’s ultimate Frisbee team, poses after the win at Easterns. The team travels to nationals in Colorado May 16-18. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Dayton)

But these women are no longer practising for any normal tournament. They have achieved a milestone in the program’s history – qualifying for Nationals.

The women’s team consists of 26 ladies that participate in 4-5 tournaments each semester, with 8-16 teams in each tournament.

Coming off of a 23-16 season last year, the team has made enormous strides this season.

They are currently ranked No.5 in the nation out of 222 women’s teams and improved their record this season …


Frisbee team lays out a path to nationals

The football and basketball teams failed to win titles, but there is still hope for Maryland sports fans looking for another national championship.

With a second-place finish in the Metro East Women’s Regionals on Sunday, the women’s club ultimate frisbee team secured a place in the 16-team national tournament to be held May 16-18 in Boulder, Colo., for the first time in team history. During the past six years, the team has gone from struggling to recruit members to achieving the No. 13 ranking in the nation from the Ultimate Players Association, the sport’s governing body.

After cruising through the opening rounds with blowout wins over Haverford and Penn State, the Terrapins persevered 15-9 over Pittsburgh before losing to tournament champion Ottawa.

The loss set up a rematch against Pittsburgh for second place and the tournament berth. After a back-and-forth match that progressed much like their previous …


Ultimate rush

You’d never seen this many people throwing Frisbees in your life. Even if they weren’t actually Frisbees.

Ultimate players from across the Southwest converged on Arizona’s Rincon Vista Sports Complex for one of seven regional tournaments held across the country this past weekend. Twelve women’s teams from Southern California, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona – including UA’s own squad, the Scorch – competed for two berths in next month’s College Ultimate Championships to be held in Boulder, Colo.

“It’s been perfect,” said Andrew Dacks, who helped organize the event with Tucson Ultimate Incorporated. “There’s been a little bit of wind which has made things more exciting.”

And Ultimate players definitely care about which way the wind is blowing. As he gave a run down on the tournament and his favorite sport, Dacks held forth about upwind strategy, downwind strategy, committing errors in the wind, which kind of …


Illini Ultimate Team Seeks Revenge in Regionals

The athletes of the 29th ranked Illinois women’s ultimate Frisbee team have one thing on their minds going into Saturday’s Regional Tournament – redemption.

Last year, the team came into the competition with the top seed, poised to take one of two qualifying spots for the Ultimate Players Association (UPA) College Championships. But its season came to an abrupt end as after losing to Indiana in the semifinals.

“It was a big downer last year when we got upset,” said junior captain Tania Reitz. “It was a pretty big shock.”

The Illinois team goes back to Regionals this weekend seeking what eluded them last year – a trip to nationals. This time around, senior captain Ashley Chan knows it will be different when the third-seeded Illini (23-12) head to Detroit

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