LSU-Shreveport Has Strong Showing on Opening Day

Brian Neppl

Weightlifters from across the United States came to the biggest little city in the world on Friday to compete in the USA Weightlifting National Collegiate Weightlifting Championships at the Downtown Reno Ball Room in Reno, NV.

“It’s a great time with high quality lifting,” Truman State head coach Alex Koch said.

The weightlifting championships feature more than 150 participants with eight men’s weight divisions and seven women’s weight divisions. Koch said that the number of weightlifters attending the Championships is up 10 percent from last year.

“There are a lot of national champs lifting this weekend, which is great,” he said.

Friday’s men’s weight divisions were 56 kg, 62 kg, and 69 kg. The Women’s weight divisions were 48 kg, 53 kg, and 58 kg.

Henry Brower dominated the 69 kg weight class, hoisting up a 125 kg on the snatch lift and a 150 kg on the clean and jerk lift, giving him a total weight of 275 kg.

“I felt great out there,” Brower said.

He also tried breaking his current collegiate record by lifting 161 kg in the clean and jerk, but failed on his final attempt. Jimmy Duke came in second place putting up a total weight of 240 kg.

Brower said that he used these championships as a prep tool for the Olympic trials. The Olympic trials start in May and Brower was focused on the trials after his win Friday. Brower said he has one year of eligibility left. He will be looking at defending his first place finish next year. Brower said he trains five days a week for two and a half hours a day.

“It is really like a part time job,” Brower said about his training.

Along with Brower, LSU-Shreveport weightlifter Aaron Adams took care of business in the 62 kg weight class, lifting a total weight of 249 kg. Adams also broke a national collegiate clean and jerk record with his 142 kg lift. Adams’ LSU-Shreveport teammate Sean Hutchinson finished in second place in the 62 kg weight class.

Truman State University’s coach Alex Koch said he was very happy with his team’s performance Friday.

“Everyone totaled, which is always great,” he said.

Koch said that two members had personal bests and Leslie Lovesee snagged a bronze in the women’s 53 kg weight class.

With all of the victories there was one injury that forced 69-kg Jason Bourgeois of Georgia Tech to withdraw from the competition after his first snatch attempt. Bourgeois said that his elbow bent backwards, stretching some of the ligaments in his elbow, but he did not tear anything.

The Weightlifting tournament continues tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. at the Downtown Reno Ballroom.

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