Men’s 77-kg Stole the Show on Saturday

Brian Neppl

Competitors gathered on Saturday for the second day of competition at the USA Weightlifting National Collegiate Weightlifting Championships at the Downtown Reno Ball Room in Reno, NV, part of the CBS College Sports Collegiate Nationals.

Saturday’s events were the men’s 77-kg, which was split up into A and B sessions. The two sessions were split into another two sessions using their total weight lifted. Weightlifters lifting under 210-kg in the qualifier were put in session B and lifters lifting over that were put in session A.

The men’s 77-kg session was exciting as Chandler Alford, lifting for Georgia Tech, won first place on his first lift in the clean and jerk. He lifted a total weight of 294-kg. Alford will be attending the Olympic trials in May.

Finishing in second place in the 77-kg weight division was Justin Brimhall, lifting out of Northern Michigan University, who fell into trouble when he needed to hit his third lift in the jerk.

“It was pretty clutch,” Brimhall said. “After you miss the first two you start getting jitters.”

Brimhall, who is attending his third Collegiate Nationals, snatched 125-kg and hoisted up 150-kg on his final lift in the clean and jerk. He clinched the second place spot in his final lift.

“I wasn’t going to leave without throwing the hammer down,” Brimhall said about his final lift.

Another 77-kg competitor had a great showing Saturday as he went a perfect six for six in his lifts. After hitting his sixth lift in the clean and jerk Kyle Haspes, representing the University of the Pacific, jumped up in the air, and his fan base chanted “Kyle, Kyle.”

“It is great, I have never done it,” Haspes said after completing all six lifts. “I definitely didn’t expect it.”

Haspes is in Law school at the University of Pacific, and said that he could not go to school without lifting. Haspes lifts six days a week for three and a half hours each day.

“It is definitely harder these days,” Haspes said about finding time.

In the Men’s 77-kg, session B, Scott Simpson lifting out of the US Naval Academy, won lifting a total weight of 225-kg.

In the women’s 63-kg, three different women threw up a perfect six for six. The winner Megan Krunz, out of Pikes Peak Community College was one of the women to lift a perfect set with a total weight of 177.

The final event of the day was the women’s 69-kg weight class. Katharine Page lifting out of the University of California Santa Barbara won by lifting a total weight of 175-kg. Natalie Friend could not complete her clean and jerk weight of 100-kg, which knocked her out of competition.

Weightlifting continues Sunday at 9:00 a.m. at the Downtown Reno Ballroom.

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