They’ve Had a Bellyful

Tums, please.

The 12 men and one woman who stuffed as many french fries in their mouths as fast as humanly possible had, at times, that familiar look people get at the Thanksgiving table. They groaned. They burped. And they went back at it.

But this was no holiday feast. This was sport. A chance for the Big Time – or the Big Enchilada, if you will.

They were chewing and swallowing and burping and holding back possible regurgitation for a shot to go to the first-ever Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship, to be held today at Mission Beach.

The four finalists at last night’s qualifying event at RT’s Longboard Grill in Pacific Beach will now compete against each other and four of the top collegiate eaters from throughout the nation. The event, along with other Collegiate National competitions, such as volleyball, will even be on TV, on CBS and the CBS College Sports Network in May.

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