Ultimate frisbee catching on at UD

People often think of frisbee as the pastime of geriatrics and beach goers. Little do they know, this lazy hobby can be transfored into an exhilarating game known as ultimate frisbee.

University team president Maura Brady said the sport involves the physical endurance of soccer, with passing skills of football.

The game usually takes place on a football-sized field, which is not as wide with longer endzones. Players work their way up the field by passing the disc to each other. A player holding the disc is not allowed to run but can pass the frisbee. To score, a player must catch the disc while standing in the endzone. Players cannot hold on to the disc for too long or it results in a turnover. A turnover also occurs when one team fails to complete a pass and the disc hits the ground or when a pass is intercepted in the air.

“You’re pretty much always running,” Brady said. “You’re not strictly an offensive player and you’re not strictly a defensive player, you’re both.”

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