Ultimate rush

You’d never seen this many people throwing Frisbees in your life. Even if they weren’t actually Frisbees.

Ultimate players from across the Southwest converged on Arizona’s Rincon Vista Sports Complex for one of seven regional tournaments held across the country this past weekend. Twelve women’s teams from Southern California, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona – including UA’s own squad, the Scorch – competed for two berths in next month’s College Ultimate Championships to be held in Boulder, Colo.

“It’s been perfect,” said Andrew Dacks, who helped organize the event with Tucson Ultimate Incorporated. “There’s been a little bit of wind which has made things more exciting.”

And Ultimate players definitely care about which way the wind is blowing. As he gave a run down on the tournament and his favorite sport, Dacks held forth about upwind strategy, downwind strategy, committing errors in the wind, which kind of defense to use in the wind and other details of Ultimate you never knew could possibly exist for a sport revolving around tossing a disc. He made it clear that this wasn’t just a game of fetch in the park. It’s not just Frisbee.

Literally, it’s not Frisbee. The Ultimate Players Association only uses discs made by the company Discraft. Frisbee is the brand name for the product made by Wham-O.

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