Neubauer New Champion

CN Staff

Point Loma Nazarene’s Chris Neubauer had one last chance to win the Collegiate Nationals Flowboarding Championships. The senior failed to make even the semifinals of the 2007 contest, but what a difference a year makes. Buoyed by an entire cheering section, Neubauer out-flowed the other five finalists and left the Wave House $1500 richer.

Results from the 2008 Collegiate Nationals Flowboarding Championships:

Team Champions:

1 Mesa (100 pts)

2 SDSU (95 pts)

3 PLNU (83 pts)

4 USD (44 pts)

5 USC (26 pts)

6 UCSB (18 pts)


Individual Champions:

1 Chris Neubauer, Point Loma Nazarene

2 Brian Crecely, San Diego State

3 Jeff Ranta, San Diego State

4 Andy Gold, Mesa

5 Trevor Kelly, Mesa

6 Tyler McIntyre, Mesa


Semifinal Results

Semi 1

1 Tyler McIntyre, Mesa

2 Brian Crecely, SDSU

3 Jeff Ranta, SDSU

4 JoJo Roper, SDSU

5 Nate Cadieux, PLNU


Semi 2

1 Trevor Kelly, Mesa

2 Chris Neubauer, PLNU

3 Andy Gold, Mesa

4 Derek Zemen, USC

5 Will Fletcher, USD

6 Taylor Leopard, PLNU

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